Karme international management consulting services


Profitability and Competitiveness Specialist at your Service.

Guided by ISO 20700 Management Consulting Standard


We will help to improve the competitiveness and quality. We develop work safety and company internal sustainability programs. Our international network is available to support the company's knowledge and growth.


MOTTO: It's the one that wants that come up with the means, the one who does not want come up with explanations.



We will provide company-specific references on request!


Our experience includes industrial production, logistics, trade, service and internationalization projects.


We have been participating in

  • the mining, engineering, construction, building materials and food industries
  • the technical wholesale and trade, food industry, wholesale, retail, and industry logistics and delivery development projects
  • in development of service concepts at retail, wholesale, human resources service, port and terminal operations, maintenance and service and shipping business
Kim Karme, CMC

Certified Management Consultant

Tina Karme, MSc (econ)

Certified Management Consultant

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Management Consulting since 1991

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