Karme international management consulting services


Profitability and Competitiveness Specialist at your Service.

Guided by ISO 20700 Management Consulting Standard


Sprof is a management business advisory company, delivering significant improvement to all business operations. We work through a collaboration process with tangible and measurable operational and financial results as a consequence. Our primary focus is always to work as  closely as possible with your staff.



Mantec is a consultancy that improves efficiency, reduces operating costs,

increases productivity, shortens lead times, improves delivery accuracy and boosts sales. Mantec has a proven track record and experience from most lines of business. We are pragmatic and goal oriented and known to not give up before our goals are achieved. Mantec are working all over Europe, South East Asia, China, North America and Russia.



We are what we preach. Meritt International is a lean, efficient management consulting group of highly skilled, seasoned professionals. 

Our unique business model enables us to provide the highest level of service with the very best return on your investment. We understand that sustainable, predictable performance equals profit. 



GreatSway can help you meet your business objectives by improving personnel and GSE efficiency, reducing paperwork, procedural errors and ground handling departure delays. Our flexible, customized payment plans mean you’ll see immediate savings with a minimal investment. Learn why our mobile application solutions are trusted by the Star Alliance Group and how we can help you improve your bottom line with a mobile workforce solution custom-tailored to fit your needs.  

Management Consulting since 1991

Kim Karme, CMC

Certified Management Consultant

Tina Karme, MSc (econ)

Certified Management Consultant

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