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Tina Karme, MSc (econ)

Certified Management Consultant

Kim Karme, CMC

Certified Management Consultant

Professional Summary

Mr. Kim Karme is a strong team player and a long runner in the business advisory industry, with over a hundred successful assignments in his portfolio. He has a strong reputation especially in operations restructuring, productivity improvement, supply chain management and logistics. During his career he has also at several occasions advised multinational companies on direct investments and cross-border trade with Russia and in the Baltic Rim countries. Behind Kim Karme’s pleasant personality is hiding a very result oriented, multitalented and communicative business professional. When assignment run into trouble Kim is there, helpful, encouraging and innovative assisting you solve the problems and sharing his immense knowhow and experience of problem solving. He has a proven track record of operational improvements that result in substantial annualized savings and better working experiences in all environments.


Kim has given lectures of management consulting at the Helsinki School of Economics and the Swedish school of Economics in Helsinki. He has received the international recognition as a Certified Management Consultant in 2001. He has received a honorary mention in consulting competition in 2005 in strategy and a reward as the consulting project of the year. Kim has been 5 years the Chair of the Finnish Management Consultants Association and 6 years a member of the Board at the UN NGO organization, the International Council of Management Consultants Institutes.Kim is also a accredited trainer of the ISO 20700 standard of Management Consulting Services and a professional quality assessor.

Professional Summary

 ”I am patient, ambitious, social and positive. My energy comes from working with different people and I get excited of their ideas and knowhow. As a consultant I am a good mix of humbleness and determination for reaching expected goals. In general, I enjoy learning new things from and with new people who have a similar or very different background to mine, in order to create partnerships, new solutions and ideas for the future. Life is a path of continues learning; when you work with people and with partners in a global rapidly changing world, no day is ever the same. The directions of the future are created today together with a broad variety of different people. ”



  • Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRiME) Report to UN Global Compact, La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) 2012
  • Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRiME) Report to UN Global Compact, Hanken School of Economics (Helsinki, Finland), 2012
  • Service learning in an Indigenous not-for-profit organization by Suzanne Young (La Trobe University) and Tina Karme
  • Book Chapters in  Inspirational Guide for PRME
    • Beyond Bureaucracy: Reporting as a strategic tool, by Martin Fougère, Nikodemus Solitander and Tina Karme
    • The Power of Responsibility: Making a positive difference, by Martin Fougère, Nikodemus Solitander and Tina Karme

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Management Consulting since 1991

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